The Future is Physible

A mighty ship that has so far sailed the digital waves says that the future will be filled with physical objects, or as they are calling them , physible.  The Pirate Bay is known throughout the web as the go-to destination for pirated content, from software, games, music, books, to movies, and have been publicly leading the fight against copyright, much to the consternation of copyright holders across the world.  Paying attention to the trends sweeping the cultural and technological world, the Pirate Bay has announced a new category of content that users will be able to upload and share, physible.

We’re always trying to foresee the future a bit here at TPB. One of the things that we really know is that we as a society will always share. Digital communication has made that a lot easier and will continue to do so. And after the internets evolutionized data to go from analog to digital, it’s time for the next step.

Today most data is born digitally. It’s not about the transition from analog to digital anymore. We don’t talk about how to rip anything without losing quality since we make perfect 1 to 1 digital copies of things. Music, movies, books, all come from the digital sphere. But we’re physical people and we need objects to touch sometimes as well!

We believe that the next step in copying will be made from digital form into physical form. It will be physical objects. Or as we decided to call them: Physibles. Data objects that are able (and feasible) to become physical. We believe that things like three dimensional printers, scanners and such are just the first step. We believe that in the nearby future you will print your spare sparts for your vehicles. You will download your sneakers within 20 years.

The benefit to society is huge. No more shipping huge amount of products around the world. No more shipping the broken products back. No more child labour. We’ll be able to print food for hungry people. We’ll be able to share not only a recipe, but the full meal. We’ll be able to actually copy that floppy, if we needed one.

We believe that the future of sharing is about physible data. We’re thinking of temporarily renaming ourselves to The Product Bay – but we had no graphical artist around to make a logo. In the future, we’ll download one.

At first this may seem a bit odd, especially for people who have followed 3D printing for some time.  There have been resources and communities based around uploading and sharing 3D printable files for some time, including the incredibly active Thingiverse community built around the Makerbot.  Maker Culture is becoming increasingly popular, to the point where 3D Systems, who makes many of the expensive high end 3D printers, have come out with their own budget, home 3D printer.

So how can The Pirate Bay have influence on scene that already has an active community?  Easy, by allowing people to shared items that would be banned from other forums, and this is not just copyright infringement.

AR-15 Magazine and Lower Receiver

This is a near fully printable 5.56mm X 45mm or .233 REM AR-15 magazine. It is current only a 5 round magazine. I left my printed spring design out on purpose for saftey reasons. However, with a little printing experimention and some range time it can be made easily.

The Lower Receiver is the frame that holds together all the other pieces of the firearm. In the States, all the other pieces can be purchased without a permit – over the counter or through the post. The Lower Receiver is the only part which requires a background check or any other kind of paperwork before purchase. Typically this part is made of aluminium. A rifle with a Lower Receiver made of plastic can be perfectly functional.

In the one day that the category has existed, 11 items have been uploaded, including one anonymous (obviously) poster giving out a part file to allow users to print out and then assemble untraceable, background-check-free guns.  Another involves 3D printing porn.  Right there, you have the internet, and now in (real) 3D.  With the all of the talk of SOPA and PIPA, and the recent shutdown and arrests around Megaupload, it clear that there is a growing battle between different realms of the internet, but not matter which side you take, you will now be able to print your own weapons.

Via Gizmodo and Core77

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