Austin Hay: Highschooler and House Builder

I have officially been bested by a 16 year old, who has, by his sophomore year of highschool, has already made significant strides towards building his own home, modeled off of the structures of the tiny house movement.  Austin Hay, who lives in Sonoma County, north of San Francisco, has been working on his own Fencl house since the summer of 2010, using a combination of salvaged, donated, and new materials, and funding his work through summer jobs.  The house is currently fully framed, has exterior walls and roof, and so far has spent around $12,000.  Beyond just building the house, as you can see below, he has clear knowledge of the advantages of small homes, and seems to have a more realistic concept of home ownership that the average adult.

His plan is to finish the house and live in it throughout highschool, college, and beyond.  Imagine being able to describe yourself as a mortgage-free homeowner when you are an incoming college freshman!  You can follow his progress on his blog, and it will be exciting to watch as he implements the rest of his plans for the interior of his humble abode.

Via Archinect

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