QuaDror: A New Building Block

It is amazing how much exploration and discovery can still be done in the realm of simple geometry, creating innovative new ways for shapes and forms to meet and intersect that give light to new possibilities and advantages.  Dror, the design company behind many well known products, architecture, and interiors, has just announced an new innovation in structures, a simple repeating, interlocking shape that can act as a barrier, structural support, framing, or volumetric form.  They call the shape the QuaDror, and are now pushing it and all of its potential different uses as a multifaceted solution, a clean answer to a number of problems.  What is ironic is its origins, which are from the polar opposite of simplicity and subtlety, one of their more iconic designs, a floor chandelier for Swarovski.

If the images so far leave you confused on the structure and how it works, and especially how it folds flat for easy packing and shipping, it is clearly demonstrated in their video below.

QuaDror from Dror on Vimeo.

It really is a remarkable shape, almost more for the fact that it has only recently been discovered, or possibly rediscovered after being forgotten from the past.  Just look at their cornucopia of concepts and working prototypes they have, showing just the shear number of plausible and exciting applications.

Via Fast.Co Design

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