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Eat on Advertising with ReMakes

The the amount of energy, effort, and material that goes into the advertising that inundates our lives, we rarely think about the waste stream this creates.  Take for example billboards, which are surprising large, made of rugged materials, and replaced on around a monthly basis.  Stepping in to address this waste stream is ReMakes, who [...]
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Replacing Water Tanks in NYC

A signature element of the New York City skyline is the water tank, perching on top of all buildings over five stories, providing water pressure to the vertical city.  The majority of these are still made out of wood, and are constructed and assembled in the same manner as traditional barrels.  Two companies still make [...]
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Homage to the Elm Trees

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, and apparently, if life gives you Dutch Elm disease, you make beautiful public seating.  Sculptress and furniture maker Lies-Marie Hoffmann has taken the trunks of elms, felled to prevent the further spread of Dutch Elm disease, and has carved them into chunky chairs that have been spread [...]
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Jet Fuel and the City State

A unifying type of architecture is found across the world, striking similar poses and gestures both out of utility and striven for similarity.  These are airports, the linkage between cities, and in some cases, the city’s reason for existence.  These cities built to support airports, instead of vise versa, are the focus of the recent [...]
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The Hypothetical Development Organization

How often have you walked down a city block and seen beautiful renderings of proposed buildings to fill currently vacant or derelict lots.  These signs usually portray some aspirational building that will likely never receive the funding to be realized, or show you that another block of ubiquitous apartments or shops will slowly infill the city.  They are evocative, and usually [...]
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Let’s Feed the Drugstores to the Robots

What do you feed your suburb eating robot?  Well, if you look at the landscape of much of the land outlying cities across America, your robot could probably dine exclusively on drugstores such as CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens for the foreseeable future.  What you are probably now wondering is what exactly is a suburb [...]
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Architecture of Ghosts and Bubbles

“If you build it, they will come” is an often repeated lie.  Here in the US, we are still trying to climb out of a recession partially caused by a dramatic housing bubble, with subdivisions built on speculation, and subprime mortgages to fill them.  Looking back now, it seems incredible that we walked into this situation, ignored [...]
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